[K-pop Star: BOA] Celebrities Makeup from Ameli

Hi, everyone.
Today, I will introduce K-pop star, Boa's makeup.
Boa is one of the top singers in Korea, and she is also famous in Japan. Young people want to follow her fashion and style.

There are lots of key points in Boa's makeup.

I let you know, step by step.

Like most of makeup tips, the highlight of Boa's makeup tip is "eye makeup".

We use four colors of eyeshadow and two colors of paint cream to make it easy to apply powder of the shadow.

1.First Step for Boa's Makeup

Do you see the black line on the picture?
First, you should draw eyeline with Black Paint Cream before applying eyeshadow.
Draw uppper eyeline till red dot line and for under line, from the red dot you have to draw eye line straigtly.

2.Second Step for Boa's Makeup

Purple line is called eyewhole line which is whole lid of our eyes.
For the upper eyeline, from the left side of the red dot line, draw eyeline a little bit up! This needs very technical skill and can be looked different how much your tail of the line is up.
Make sure, tail line is up toward the end of the eyebrow.

3. Third Step for Boa's Makeup

Connect the lashline and take eyelid crease together to smudge end of your eye lines.
Then to make a deep and mysterious eye,fill with the black eye shadow to the corner of your eyes.
The key is making a sharp point on inner eyes.

4.Fourth Step for Boa's Makeup

The space in the purple dot on  your upper eye lid, fill with White Paint Cream and White Eyeshadow. Also fill with White Paint Cream to the outer edge of your upper lashline.
Then apply glitter spot to stick on our eyes well.

5.Last Step for Boa's Makeup

For the more natural eye look, you would use brown color of eyeshadow , Charcoal Brown, and blend a little bit toward the head of the eyebrow.

Boa's makeup is not really hard, if you use brown and black colors of eyeshadow to make shade on your eyes naturally.
Also, as I told you, the key point is using "Paint Cream" and "Glitter Spot" to highlight your eyes.

Do not put blush on  your cheek and dark color of lipstick or gloss on your lips!!
That makes you stronger not sexy!!

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